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Tracey Boulter

I fell in love with Fredericton when I moved here in 2005 to attend University, and decided to make it my home. Being married to a handy man and a lover of fixer-uppers, I’ve had the "opportunity" of living in many different communities within the Fredericton area, each with their own unique benefits. We are currently surrounded by wonderful neighbours in our favourite house with our three children and high maintenance pet fish. Parents - don’t get a fish, just don't.

After staying home chasing our 3 littles for 6 (mostly wonderful) years, I decided I wanted a change - something just for me.

Just over three years in and I can say that Real Estate was exactly what I had been looking for. A career that allowed me to smash together my love for people with my love for business and buying and selling homes.

I love helping people and for me, it's not only about negotiating the best price for my clients, but also about seeing the uniqueness in every transaction and building relationships.

I see the importance of surrounding myself with like-minded, trusted professionals within the community to ensure my clients receive the service and protection they need and deserve.

I can’t wait to show you what our new team has in store for our present and future clients!

- Tracey Boulter

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